Who are we?

Next chapter provides individuals with solid foundations, in which individuals can develop skills to establish stability, security, awareness and understanding, in order to build their structure for life.

Next Chapter is an early intervention service, with the aim of improving life outcomes and a reducing the number of referrals into statutory services, with escalation of mental health difficulties for both children and adults.

We work with all ages, with the primary passion and purpose of offering early help support, which is key to a happier, healthier community, equipping children, adults, parents and families with knowledge and skills to face life's challenges with greater confidence, resilience, inspiration and opportunity to create sustainable changes.

In the heart of a residential area, we a key feature and part of the local community, providing a safe place, sense of belonging, built upon relationships and consequently trust. Our service enables individuals to develop understanding, in order to build a toolkit of techniques and strategies to lay solid foundations in order to develop self-awareness, communication and resilience, promoting mental wellness in order to approach life with greater confidence, resilience and stability.

Our programmes enable us to reach a wider audience, using a tier system depending upon need, ranging from peer support, workshops, courses, 1:1 therapeutic intervention, activities and events, engaging with our community at various points of access. This allows us to ensure that the service is tailored to meet community and service user needs, with them being engaged and ready/able to commit, sustaining engagement with us. By taking individuals on a journey, we give them the time and space to be ready to access service and progress at their own pace. When engaging with our therapeutic services, we scaffold their learning by providing theory, knowledge, skills, support, self reflection and an opportunity to consider their options, working towards implementation of learning. This enables individuals to improve quality of life and outcomes for children, adults and families in order to achieve their potential.

The skills gained from our programmes can be applied in many different situations and areas of life; An innovative and unique way of reaching and engaging our community, promoting personal responsibility and independence.

We work in close partnership with our community partners both third sector and statutory, consistency developing positive communication and relationships built upon respect and trust, which increase positive outcomes for those accessing our service and enable us to reach a wider range of clients, that are often missed by other services, as their difficulties do not meet thresholds for support.

When joining the Next Chapter Community, individuals can come on a journey with us, through; Connecting, feeling valued, developing self awareness, understanding and knowledge. They gain and develop skills and resources, to assist them in working towards their goals. For those who are wanting to become more involved in their community, pay forward, share their experiences, make a difference or reduce social isolation , they are able to access other programmes with us, or connect with our partner organisations, enabling them to access training, professional development, education, volunteering or employment opportunities, with the solid foundations in place to confidently engage and achieve their goals.

Next Chapter is a multiple award-winning organisation, recognised for our innovative approach to early intervention support, promoting mental wellness. Having been involved in several international research projects, we have created programmes which have proven evidence-based outcomes.

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Children under 11

We have several support programmes available for children, depending upon their age and need.

These programmes are suitable for children aged 4 and above and can be accessed in small groups, making it affordable or privately on a 1:1 basis:

Relax Kids & Yoga

Blissful bedtimes

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Young people over 11

For children aged 7-11 we offer, which can be accessed in small groups making it affordable or privately on a 1:1 basis:

1:1 Managing Me, Coaching Children to develop self awareness and strategies to recognise and manage emotions

Emotional Literacy Support Programme
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Next Chapter is really proud of the programmes available to support adults in optimising mental health and we are able to provide a variety of services to support you in reaching a place you want to be. We are delighted to be able to offer affordable support, reaching people of all income streams.
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